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valorous right arm of Acyutaraya,  and an  upholder of his
warlike activities.

Cokkanfitha, Caritra : Madras. Gov. Or. J/>j. Lib, D, No. 105L



Then Acyutaraya was crowned in S.S, 1456 and ruled for
8 years UN til S. S. 1463.    Ramaya Bhaskara, whom he appoint-
ed as the governor of Kondavidu, built a fort called Mavulakota
at the foot of the old hill fort on the tfrest with the material of
the ruined palaces and temples of the time of the Eeddis. He also
built within this fort a town and a beautiful shrine dedicated to
the Grod Gropinatha.    At that time, the seventy -two palaigars
who held the district, on account of contumaciousness, rose up
in rebellion  and  created  much confusion, in defiance of the
government    Being convinced that it was not possible to sub-
due them except by peaceful methods, Bamaya Bhaskara had
recourse to a strategem.    Around the temple of Gopinatha he
erected a prakara within which he excavated a deep well on
the north side of the shrine.    When the work of the temple
was completed he sent invitations to all the palaigars requesting
them to be present on the occasion of the festival in the temple.
He arranged that when the falaigars came to the temple, they
should   be admitted into it through the eastern gate one by
one ; and while being led out of it through the northern gate,
they should be pushed into the well suddenly.    He destroyed
the seventy -two palaigars in this fashion, and  restored peace
in the country.    Then  he named the new town Gopinatha-
puram after the principal deity of the place and constructed
temples to Q-ods Navanita Krsna, Mulasthanesvara and Angadi
"Vfrabhadra.   Moreover, he inflictad a defeat on a large Mussal-
raan. force, and ruled the Andhramandala in great glory.*

Kaifiy&t &f jr<mdavid# : Mac. Mss. 15-4-40, pp. 20-22.

* The JZaifiyai cbmes to afi ead with an appropriate quotation of a Telngu verse ia
rfcv* metre  extracted from an inscription of Ramaya Bhaskara found in the temple of

The T*ne simply alludes   to the exploits of Ramaya Bhasfeara, a  subordinate of
A.cynt*devai3ya, who fcwlt   a   temple to the God Gopinatha, won   a victory over thft
in great glory.